Throughout the last 3 years of using Lightroom on a daily basis I have developed my own style. Therefore I have created several presets for editing my images. They all have a vintage touch to it and the contrast is flattened out.


5 Portrait Presets

For Lightroom


Cludyports Preset 1

A warm toned preset perfect to bring out skin colors and add a vintage touch to your photo. Warm and yellow skin tones, green and blue background.


Cludyports Preset 2

Warm and muted. This preset is warm, warm, warm! Muting the image and turning everything into a beautiful warm toned look with soft contrast.


Cludyports Preset 3

Classic black and white. There is not much to say here but this is a beautiful black and white look that softens the contrast of your shot and brings out the shadows.


Cludyports Preset 4

Orange and teal. This presets is especially beautiful on images taken during sunset. Flattening out the contrast it makes the warm skin tones stand out from the backdrop.