“A creative soul who frames her own trace all over the world and lets people see through her shutter, how perspective turns what is already an elegance into perfection.”



Capturing beauty in nature, beautiful moments and emotions has become my passion throughout the years. Holding my first DSLR in my hands at the age of 12 not really knowing how to use all these settings, I have now reached the point of feeling joy when looking at my own work. Itís not for everyone because we do have different tastes and views but I am glad to transfer some stories and feelings.



I do believe that you don’t have to study photography to become good at it. School teaches us rules and guidelines which causes that most images end up looking very similar in the end. To create something unique, something of your very own, thinking out of the box is essential. Trying out different styles until you find your personal kind. It is a long way to go and I myself surely haven’t reached perfection yet but it starts feeling like your own authentic creation.